Mission of the Museum

The mission of each museum is a clearly defined task for which it was founded, a “mission” that defines its elemental values as a cultural project. The museum, in its own way, reflects the spirit and lifestyle of the environment and the people living in the area of its activity, and its efforts should be directed towards finding the best way to communicate with visitors of different age, educational and interest profiles.

The basis for the existence of museums are activities which include: collecting, preserving and researching civilizational, cultural and natural assets and their professional and scientific processing and systematization into collections, permanent protection of museum material, museum documentation, museum sites and sites, their direct and indirect presentation to the public through permanent and occasional exhibitions, as well as the publication of data and insights on museum material and museum documentation through professional, scientific and other information means.

The Sisak City Museum, as the central institution in the culture of the City of Sisak, aims to develop all segments of museum activity, preserve and present the valuable material and intangible heritage of the Sisak area, emphasize their specificities, from the period of prehistory to modern times. By preserving, expertly and scientifically processing the testimonies of history, organizing and completing museum collections, communicating the acquired knowledge, presenting the gathered knowledge and information about the past and tradition, he wants to arouse interest and highlight the key moments of historical development, which significantly shaped the contemporary moment of Sisak. Through its activities, it seeks to respond to the needs of contemporary society and the environment in which it operates.

The Museum pays special attention to its audience, to which persons of different ages, education, interests and everything that determines the profile of one visitor, with the aim of each of them learning something new, having a pleasant time and thus becoming motivated to come again.